High Reach Learning Curriculum

The teachers at Four Seasons use High Reach Learning, a research-supported curriculum, in each of their classrooms. Through the High Reach Learning curriculum, children explore a well-rounded balance of learning experiences and are provided many opportunities to develop important skills needed to be successful in school.

High Reach Learning curriculum is developed by a team of early childhood experts, who spend a tremendous amount of time studying research articles and trends, offering the most up-to-date teaching practices to your child.

Key Features of our curriculum include:

1. Children learn in the real world, with real things and real people.

Your child’s teacher uses Learning Zones, which incorporate learning in multiple areas: background knowledge, social skills, powerful thinking, using words and symbols, and using your body. These zones are woven into every experience, allowing for diverse opportunities in a single lesson.

2. Children learn best when they are learning what they are excited about!

Each lesson contains age-appropriate experiences that promote creativity, family involvement, social interaction, language development, and much more, building on a child’s natural curiosity. Each month’s topic acts as a springboard for exploration and discovery.

3. Each child’s potential for learning is greatly increased when the family is involved.

As Four Seasons believes in partnering with families to help each child succeed, the High Reach Learning program supports close communication between home and school with newsletters and Family Fun Links. Family Fun Links are unique, easy-to-do learning experiences that may begin in the classroom, continue at home and return to the classroom. Together with your child’s teacher, you can provide a full range of cultural and learning viewpoints for your child.

Teachers in each classroom at Four Seasons, utilize High Reach Learning’s award winning curriculum, while also supplementing each child’s overall experience with other fun and exciting activities that have stood the test of time! Visit Consumer Reports to view additional information and an overview of our curriculum.

High Reach Learning